Rent a car

A crucial part of a successful vacation on Curaçao is a car to help you discover the beautiful island. Unlike other holiday destinations where the sights and entertainment are all in one place, on Curaçao you can see and experience things everywhere.



Jeep tour

Enjoy an exciting and adventurous ride in one of the jeeps! The ultimate Curaçao off the road experience! During these day tours (6 hours) you will discover the beauty, culture and history of the beautiful island of Curaçao in a unique way. All these tours include cold, alcohol free drinks and a BBQ with fresh salmon and delicious chicken saté.

Curaçao Jeep Experience


Curaçao is an ideal place for divers. Due to the wide range of beautiful dive sites across the south coast, Curaçao is considered by many as a diving paradise. Curaçao has many diving schools.
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